We are a niche land & property company specialising in bringing forward small to medium-sized residential development sites across Central England and carefully select the sites we become involved in.


We will ensure we never get involved in more sites than we are able to meaningfully resource which means that your site gets the attention it deserves, and we are constantly available and able to provide regular updates. We believe this is a real case of 'less is more' whereby working on fewer sites means we can invest more time into them when it's required and increase the chances of success. 

We also believe that in specialising in smaller sites of 100 homes or fewer we are helping to even the playing field. In 2017 the 8 largest housebuilders delivered over 50% of the properties developed in the UK, with the number of small builders in decline. These large housebuilders look for large multi-year sites of generally 100+ homes. Whilst some of these housebuilders have their own strategic land teams, others rely on land promoters, but this has resulted in many of the promoters targeting the sites they know will be of interest to the 'big boys'. In doing so, the smaller and often more appropriate development sites are neglected in favour of scale and volume. 

By working exclusively on these smaller sites we can help to address the imbalance between the number of plots that are available for national housebuilders versus the smaller, regional developers. The result being that the supply of new homes is more evenly distributed both geographically and different segments of the construction industry, and by assisting these smaller developers, many of whom often struggle with the complicated and costly planning system, your land is likely able to support more local business who employ local people and contribute more to the local economy. 




Establishing whether your land is able to be developed for a residential use can be a complicated and specialist activity. After first contact we will immediately begin work on a desktop site assessment which is incredibly useful and makes sure that there are no obvious technical reasons that would prevent or limit residential development on your land.

Once this has been completed we will begin working with you to understand your aspirations. Most often the way to maximise land value will be a longer term 'promotion' through the local plan. However, there are often other routes to explore that could result in a quicker approval for a residential use but will generate a lower land value. 

We complete a desktop technical assessment to ensure there is nothing that will make development unviable.

A more detailed planning assessment is completed and we develop a strategy that best suits your needs.

We identify the best way to secure the outcome you desire and secure the involvement of any required partners. 

Either the site is promoted through the local plan process or a planning submission is prepared and submitted. 





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